I wanna meet someone’s who’s going to be like ‘hey wake up I’m taking you on an adventure’

just don’t forget to kiss my forehead first ok


  Funny, nobody ever wants to go on an adventure with me. They’re all so busy dreaming about someone perfect who will sweep them off their feet and take them away that in reality, it never happens.  Trouble is, people like dreams.  In dreams, nothing risky happens.  Just happy endings and fairy-tales.  It’s risky walking up to someone and asking to know their past.  Real life is risky.  But you might just strike gold. 

Hello, nice to meet y-…

.  Pay attention to the people around you in real life.  They may actually care about you more than you’ll ever, ever, ever know.  They might even be uniquely qualified to take you on the coolest adventure ever.  And they might even want to. They might even be able to make your dreams reality.  They might want nothing more in the world than to do so.  

Hello, my name i-….

And you glide right by toward an imaginary future that in reality leads nowhere while everything you’ve ever searched for is right there, waiting, completely unnoticed, because in life worthwhile things don’t ask for attention, because you’ve turned away people who care, simply because you didn’t see them as important to your plans, and because nothing ever happens when you’re dismissing reality for the sake of a dream.

…Hello, glad we’ve talked-  …itching for an adventure?  Me too.  And I happen to know just where to find one, my friend.